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 Animal's Name:    (3616)
 Lost or Found:  Sighting When: 1-12-2022
 Animal: Cat   Breed/Type: Domestic Longhair Age: Adult
 Primary Color: Grey Secondary Colors: White
 City: Louisville County: Jefferson
 Contact: Dixie Dennison Phone: 1502822**-****
 Email: di∗∗∗
 Where Lost/Found: 302 Douglas Park
 Description: Docked tail,broken. Gets scared when approached. Call at (502) 822-9984 if seen. Thank You.   (3616)

 Lost or Found:  Sighting When: 11/28/2021
 Animal: Dog   Breed/Type: Unknown Age: Young
 Primary Color: White Secondary Colors: Black
 City: Clarksville County: Clark
 Contact: Jane Phone:
 Email: ja∗∗∗
 Where Lost/Found: Near Corbin, Wofford Kentucky I-75, South of Exit 15
 Description: I saw what looked like a small beagle or dachshund though could be something else, waddling sort of, roundish, white body, with long dark ears (nearly to the ground I think) running south on 75 on Sunday 11/28/2021, about one half to 1 mile south of exit 15 near on the Northbound side of 75 by a creek near Wofford Kentucky. Looks really happy, ears flying.

If you were walking from exit 15 (not that I recommend this) on the Northbound side, you would pass a deer carcass (if still there) and then a guardrail and where the hill ends, there is a creek in the woods on the left.

There were also visible buildings behind this not so deep woods that can be seen through since the leaves are mostly gone now. The dog turned left before the creek towards the buildings.

I reported to the shelter and the police so maybe someone picked up the dog already. I tried to get him but had a dog in the car, sitting on the highway which was not great/safe and he ran left into the woods.

I hope you find your dog.    (3602)

 Lost or Found:  Sighting When: 9/18/2021
 Animal: Dog   Breed/Type: Schnauzer Age: Baby
 Primary Color: Black Secondary Colors: White
 City: Louisville County: Jefferson
 Contact: Tracy Kroencke Phone: (217) 4**-****
 Email: tr∗∗∗
 Where Lost/Found: Highlands near Ivanhoe Ct & Speed Ave
 Description: Lost dog: Name is Liesl Schnauzer - Black, White, & gray. In need of grooming. Has Blue collar (tags are here at home at not on the collar). Had a protective cone on and has a bald spot on her side.   (3585)

 Lost or Found:  Sighting When: 06/15/21
 Animal: Dog   Breed/Type: Pit Bull Age: Adult
 Primary Color: Black Secondary Colors: White
 City: Louisville County: Jefferson
 Contact: Debby BIRD Phone: 1502396**-****
 Email: db∗∗∗
 Where Lost/Found: Farmhouse Ln
 Description: Nice Black dog with a thin blaze on its head and white feet. It has a scar above one eye and about 2 other small scars on its head.    (3568)