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Reuniting Pets and their Families is intended to help reunite pets and their families in the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana area. This site is a free, noncommercial effort. Listings are created, edited, and removed by pet owners and pet finders.

Please be careful about the contact information you list, and about meeting people you don't know to identify pets. This site does not keep, use or sell contact information, it is only used by other people who want to contact you about the lost or found pet.

We hope you find this site useful, and that you will help us spread the word about this service. The more people who use one list to report a lost or found pet, the greater the chances they will be reunited with their pets. If you have lost a pet and don't see it here, please don't forget to check local shelters and after-hours vets, many of which are listed on the Resources page.

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